Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Should I order my products in bulk and sell them on consignment?

I have thought about doing this for some time, but I wonder how practical it would be to do so. Even though I'd get a bulk discount and a contributor discount, it would still take a lot of money to order enough products to make an impact, especially when it comes to T-shirts. I was thinking that by selling my products on consignment locally, it would draw customers to my Web site. I would combine this with buying my own products and act as my own billboard, so to speak. For instance, I could buy myself a T-shirt and put my URL somewhere on the shirt, like on the back. I would love some feedback on this.


Reflekshins said...


I think this could potentially work but it would probably be a good idea to let the consignment shop select what they believe may be of interest to the customer base.

Then I would ask the consignment shop for some feedback as to what they think a customer might pay for the product. This foundational information would give you a better guess as to whether the shop would be a good conduit for your products.

Maybe the consignment shop may even have some ideas as to how you could obtain a cheaper bulk rate from some other company.



Tasha said...

Thanks for the tips, Shane! I've thought about savings my designs on CD so I could find someone locally to produce for me.