Saturday, November 20, 2010

Good news, good news!

Last month, I posted about how I was freaking out about a difficult class I had to take. Well, guess what? I GOT AN A! WOO HOO! I was also inducted into the National Technical Honor Society last week, and I will be inducted into Kappa Pi Honorary Art Fraternity next week. On to of that, I was approached personally for some ongoing freelance work. I think that at this point, I can call myself a graphic designer now instead of a graphic designer wannabe. :) I am also enjoying the mixed media class I'm taking now. I haven't worked with soft pastels since high school, and I forgot how much I enjoyed them. Last week, we were asked to play around with the medium using different techniques. This assignment reminded me of my coloring book days; see the attached images. I'll be drawing something recognizable this weekend, so if I remember, I'll share the finished product with you.

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