Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Phew! I've been busy...

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, but it got harder to get back here after I started going back to school online in April of last year, and things got even tighter when I was working two part-time jobs in addition to that for a few months. I'm back down to one part-time job, and I just finished a life drawing class last week. I got an A! :) I am going to create a PDF portfolio of my art projects once I decide which pieces of artwork to put in it. After all, I want to be sure to include my best work. When I create it, I'll share it with you. I have been thinking about putting my portfolio on a Web site, but I haven't decided what kind of format I want. Do I want to keep it simple, or should I get one of those fancy Flash sites? I like the sleek look of many Flash sites, but sometimes they can take a while to load, and I don't know if a potential employer or client would feel like waiting for the site to pull up on their computer. The site would pull up faster on a simpler HTML site, but would it be too plain? Hmmm, what should I do? If anyone has any ideas, please share.

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